Rand McNally Releases Updated Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas Line…

Just as the primary day of summer begins around the third week of a Gregorian calendar month, therefore launches updated editions of the guide that has been serving to truck drivers navigate North America for many years, Rand McNally’s Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas.

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The 2020 edition of the atlas – accessible in paperback, and a version with laminated pages and a spiral binding – free available these days. The atlases area unit accessible at travel centers, in bookstores and on e-commerce stores, and at http://rand-mcnally-update.com

Although technological innovation within the industrial  transportation sector continues at a meteoric pace, skilled drivers still reckon the  written annual edition to produce the large image and a fail-safe backup for truck-accessible routing, state transport rules, and cross-country tolling data. that is why the atlases, year-after-year, elicit five-star reviews for accuracy, dependableness, and simple use.

“The Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas is an important item that drivers  detain their truck cabs,” aforesaid author Fletcher, chief operating officer of Rand McNally. “Although Rand McNally provides advanced fleet management and supplying technology, it is also essential to our customers that we offer updated and upgraded atlases annually.”

This year, the atlases include:

  • Revised U.S. state and Canadian province maps
  • Updated restricted routes, low-clearance, and weigh station locations;
  • An updated fuel tax chart similarly as revised state and province data together with weight and size limitations, registration pointers, and phone numbers and websites for state police and in operation authorities;
  • Hotlines for building and conditions;
  • Updated toll system contact data for every state;
  • And, associate an updated review of venturesome Materials (Hazmat) rules.

Also, the atlases feature contemporary new covers that remember the truck and therefore the open road. Learn additional at http://rand-mcnally-update.com/

About Rand McNally – Rand McNally is reworking personal and business travel with its revolutionary connected vehicle technology and shopper physics. Rand McNally’s mission is to deliver innovative  product and services that enrich life’s journey in four key segments:  shopper physics, shopper Travel, industrial Transportation, and Education. Learn additional at rand-mcnally-update.com

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